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Sasha's Journal

Musing of a Bemused Muse

Sasha Capper
14 February 1981
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Sasha Elena Anastasiya Capper. Sasha to everyone with the exception of Quintus Harper. He can call me Sassy. You may not. At least not if you value your limbs.

17 years old as of February 14th. Yes. My birthday and that insipid, ridiculous, disgustingly pink holiday are one and the same. I'm so thrilled. I throw away all birthday gifts with hearts on them. Sorry. It's the principle of the matter.

6th Year Slytherin. My Dad's family has mostly been Gryffindors and my mother went to school in Russia. I love being a Slytherin, no other house is half as fun.

Professional Avoider of Motherly Matchmaking. She's a pureblood. My dad's a pureblood. It's devastatingly important that I marry a pureblood and have pureblooded brats. It's too bad all the pureblooded blokes she shoves in my direction are old, dull and unattractive. I'd much rather sneak off with liquor, Quint or both.

Big Sister to a Fangirl. I honestly don't know why the Head Boy got so upset. My little sister is annoying, yes. But she's also cute as hell. And her heart will always truly belong to Titus Harper anyway.

No, I don't want to snog you. Enough said.</div>